xinwumen  Many Traditions. One Spirit.

International Xin Wu Men Martial Arts Association was founded on May 15, 2008 in New York City to promote traditional Chinese martial arts.

The name Xin Wu Men has a special meaning. In Mandarin, xin means 'heart' or 'mind'. Wu means 'martial arts,' but it also menans 'peace'. Men means gate, or doorway. So Xin Wu Men descrides the art of generating peaceful power that comes from inner victories, and that creates harmony with the people around us.

The members of Xin Wu Men, coming from many different countries, share an appreciation of martial arts and Eastern Philosophy. We wish to promote the true spirit of martial arts and to spread this knowledge worldwide.

Principles of the Association:

We understand the work that must be done in this life to substantiate the truth of the universe that resides in our hearts.

We share our work and our lives with everyone, and thereby spend our lives in a way that benefits all people.

We carry the knowledge of the great masters of the past in order to transmit this knowledge and not let it disappear.

We help to keep the whole world in peace and harmony.

Xin Wu Men practice exercises the mind to improve the personality. A practitioner learns to use martial arts knowledge and Eastern philosophy combined to develop his/her mind/body/spirit .This in turn,leads to a healthier and more balanced way life. The practices is suitable for   busy,modern lifestyles. 

Xin Wu Men founder, Master Longfei Yang, has spent many years traveling, exchanging ideas, and learning from other teachers. He has received awards and gained worldwide recognition in the martial arts. He wants to spread his knowledge of traditional arts, culture and philosophy to help more people to improve their health and spirit.

     “The health of the mind and body is our real fathomless treasure. To possess this source of happiness we have to be brave and creative.”                                                                                                                                                                                             -- Longfei Yang

     Our Association is to strives to stay true to original traditional martial arts knowledge while promoting further research. From our hearts, we welcome all to join. Together we can build a better and more beautiful life.

       心武門國際武術總會成立於美國紐約二千零八年五月一十五日, 是一家非营利民間團体,由一群不分國界,不同种族的武術愛好者組成,共同齊心合力來推廣和發展正统東方哲學思想與武道精神,明門正學之態度服務於大众.


                 為天地立心.           為生民立命.            為往聖繼絕學.             為萬世开太平




          *總會歡迎任何個人和團體為發展武學文化捐款请写 International Xin Wu Men Martial Arts Association 謝謝.*